dgplug 8 stones crossed-miles ahead

Today’s 8th sept, anniversary of dgplug. And on this eve i want to wish all opulent coders and fedora users a great success ahead.

On my early days though i was familiar with fedora, I didnt had a way with xchat. After brushing my shoulders and working with other prominent fedora users i came across knowing a lot about xchat. “Its an IRC client ” i thought, constraining myself to be a part of it. But as days went by i got par with my novice attitude and broadened my vision to closely witness the extravagent usage of xchat .I realised it as a mean way to good to interact, learn and enrich thoughts.
I come closer through this to some of my seniors like kushal das, rtnpro, bamacharan and also one of my close friend Sayan. After passing years in dgplug i am enthusiast far more confident and still absorbing. I like to extend my thanks to my seniors and mates to shape me the way i am today.

Now these days i am just trying to continue with open source projects and also organizing dgplug meets in my college.

Thanks to my friend Tuhin to express my views on this hefty text.


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