Shortpath a package which reduces your time to type.

All the time I start terminal and for starting my work have to type long directory paths which were really annoying sometimes. To overcome this problem I just created a package and now I can assign a short name for that path and this really makes me happy.


shortpath assign a short name which you passed or it will generate a random string for your path that you entered. If no path you are entering this will take the current working directory as a path. The short name will be user wise. If you will set a short name from a root user this will not work for the guest user and vice versa.


$ pip install shortpath


$ shortpath –help

$ shortpath –v

$ shortpath –p –s

$ shortpath –p

$ shortpath –s

Note: After setting short name for any path, open a new terminal or a new tab then use your path’s short name.


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