The First Season Of Mozcafe@BCREC

With a new sun shine the most amazing day was started for Mozcafe@bcrec, Durgapur. Sayan, me, ciypro, biraj, piyush, umesh and apoorv we all are there for making this event successful. This was the first time that Mozcafe organized in Durgapur.

At 10:30 am we started our registration procedure. Some Nit guys  are came for registration and a lot of guys from our college they registered for this event, about 60 guys enrolled for this event. There was basically two session: Presentation & Pratical.

In the first session Chandan started the presentation and told them about the mozilla, it’s foundation, history and brief about contributing formozilla. After that Umesh told them about the designs of mozilla and in the last of the first session biraj gave the presentation on Localization.

After this we reach to 1:00 o’clock pm and take a tea break for all.

Now the second session was started at 2:00 pm then Shahid Ali Farooqui was there as our guest. We discuss with him that how to contribute for mozilla, participate in next mozilla events and a lot of more. Then started the further events

How to do Mozilla Localization –Biraj Karmakar, Chandan Kumar
How to create design –Umesh Agarwal, Gaurav Kumar
How to work with Webmaker –Sayan Chowdhury, Apoorv Ashutosh, Biraj Karmakar, Piyush Kumar Chouhan

In the last we discuss about the latest mozilla projects, gsoc and research projects from different universities.


dgplug Meet at BCREC

Today sayan, ciypro, biraj and me organize dgplug meeting. This was our first meet with the students,

there we discuss that how to start with fedora. We told them that how to subscribe on dgplug mailing list

then something about x-chat that how to use it, how to join the channels on it and also how to chat for

solving their own queries. In the last we distributed some e-books related to python.

After few hours we got response, some of them subscribe on dgplug mailing list and also they join the

channels and they talk to us for their queries.

MUKTI 2012

This year i attend my first MUKTI, Mukti is the annual FOSS festival organised by the GNU/Linux Users Group of NIT Durgapur. This was held on 3-5th February 2012. There were a lot of events like KDE workshop, Transifex workshop, Django workshop.

On the first day i and sayan go to NIT with juniors, there was Rtnpro, he told to all about django. In the night sayan, Chandan and i attend the KDE development workshop by smit shah.

Next day Rtnpro, Chandan, Sayan and i along with some guys from NIT dgp discussed on Transifex, mainly on how it works, what is it purpose, how Transifex is written etc. There i learn a lot of things from Sayan and Rtnpro. On that day i fix a typo for Transifex and pushed it. After this i attend the workshop on Djago and Transifex by Ratnadeep Debnath(rtnpro), he told us how to find bug, how to solve and how to patch, this was very helpful to me.

In Mukti 2012 i learn a lot of things about Linux, Transifex, Django and pushed my first patch in things and continue for doing some new patches.