How to Create GPG key ?

Before you can get or send GPG encrypted mail, you need to generate your public and private keys with GPG.

In fedora open the terminal window and continue with the following steps. These steps are very technical.

Step 1. In terminal enter gpg –gen-key.

Step 2. Select what kind of key you want then press enter.

Step 3. Select a key length, then press Enter.

Step 4. Enter how long your key should be valid for.

Step 5. Type your real name, then press Enter.

Step 6. Type your email address, then press Enter.

Step 7. Type a comment, then press Enter(This is optional part).

Step 8. Review your selected user ID and email. If it is correct, press O.

Step 9. Type a passphrase(password), then press Enter.

Step 10. Move your mouse randomly to generate the keys.

It may take a few minutes. After the key generated, you can view your gpg key by entering command gpg –list-keys

in terminal.

After entering command gpg –list-keys in terminal there is something similar to this:


– – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

pub   2386R/838765B3 2012-01-13 [expires: 2014-01-13]

uid                  Realname <>

sub   3648T/37D68GFF 2012-01-13 [expires: 2014-01-13]

Check your public key ID with gpg –list-keys. It is the string after 2386R on the line beginning

with pub. In the example above, it is 838765B3.

For further details: GPG