Sometimes we really need something and we don’t want to follow the same fashion what others do. So, here is one of them fetching URLs from tweets and the course of action is using browser manually or from an app you can get the tweets and then from that you can get the URLs.

There is one other way now just get the twiturls, follow the syntax and you will get only the URLs from the tweets.

from twitlinks import twitlinks


twitlinks.get_links(‘#tag’, 5)

twitlinks.get_links(‘#tag1, #tag2’)

twitlinks.get_links(‘#tag1, #tag2’, 5)


My first python application.

The first time I encountered my passion was in class ten, and it was the most amazing day. That was the day I decided that I would pursue this career through thick and thin, no matter the situation. And here I stand today a B. Tech graduate in Computer Science.

In college days, I was trying to contribute in open source projects but I did not much. Always there were hurdles for me and then I left contributing. I got placed in a company but It was fake and then started searching for companies at Bangalore to work with but no luck with that too. After a few days, I moved in with my friend Sayan who, along with my friend Chandan supported me while I continued to look for job openings with different companies. Then with Kushal’s referral, I got an opportunity at Sanisoft.

In the beginning I spent all of my time learning career related techniques. All of this was to make myself more stable and successful, gradually more projects came my way and with the guidance of Dr. Tarique Sani , I was successful. After few months, Chandan helped me a lot and encouraged me to start with my contributions.

Now I have again started my contribution. I have created my first python application named twiturls which fetch the URLs from tweets for a given query, this took my Christmas day, but I suppose that is the gift of my day. Today I get my happiness back which comes from my work.

I am not a genius, but I know I can do better with computers.

The First Season Of Mozcafe@BCREC

With a new sun shine the most amazing day was started for Mozcafe@bcrec, Durgapur. Sayan, me, ciypro, biraj, piyush, umesh and apoorv we all are there for making this event successful. This was the first time that Mozcafe organized in Durgapur.

At 10:30 am we started our registration procedure. Some Nit guys  are came for registration and a lot of guys from our college they registered for this event, about 60 guys enrolled for this event. There was basically two session: Presentation & Pratical.

In the first session Chandan started the presentation and told them about the mozilla, it’s foundation, history and brief about contributing formozilla. After that Umesh told them about the designs of mozilla and in the last of the first session biraj gave the presentation on Localization.

After this we reach to 1:00 o’clock pm and take a tea break for all.

Now the second session was started at 2:00 pm then Shahid Ali Farooqui was there as our guest. We discuss with him that how to contribute for mozilla, participate in next mozilla events and a lot of more. Then started the further events

How to do Mozilla Localization –Biraj Karmakar, Chandan Kumar
How to create design –Umesh Agarwal, Gaurav Kumar
How to work with Webmaker –Sayan Chowdhury, Apoorv Ashutosh, Biraj Karmakar, Piyush Kumar Chouhan

In the last we discuss about the latest mozilla projects, gsoc and research projects from different universities.

dgplug Meet at BCREC

Today sayan, ciypro, biraj and me organize dgplug meeting. This was our first meet with the students,

there we discuss that how to start with fedora. We told them that how to subscribe on dgplug mailing list

then something about x-chat that how to use it, how to join the channels on it and also how to chat for

solving their own queries. In the last we distributed some e-books related to python.

After few hours we got response, some of them subscribe on dgplug mailing list and also they join the

channels and they talk to us for their queries.

Python Workshop Day-2

In the first day we learn so many things.

Today from 10:45 am we started the python workshop again. Kd told us about some new python commands

these are such useful commands, he also told us about vim editor.How can we use vim editor, how to copy

with yy command, how to paste with p and a lot of such commands these are really interesting after this

he shown to us how to copy files and also the data of the files from one file to another then he shown some

interesting programs that how to write those programs.

Lastly he shows the videos of fudcon which was organised in pune.

Python Workshop Day-1

Today sayan, chandan and me ateend python workshop with a lot of first year and second year guys

by kd(Kushal Das) and some of us got our first fedora t’shirt.

From 10:30 am we started the workshop. In the first hour upto 12:00 o’clock kd tell us about python

and how we can contribute for fedora, then we go to the lab for executing some commands which are

related to python and also related to fedora, kd also distributed some stickers and rings to us.

I learn some new commands from this workshop and i am just excited for attending the next session,

i hope it will also help me a lot for using python and also for fedora.