From two days sayan and me working on Hindi tranlation on Today we have done more than 91% translation and still continue for rest part.


MUKTI 2012

This year i attend my first MUKTI, Mukti is the annual FOSS festival organised by the GNU/Linux Users Group of NIT Durgapur. This was held on 3-5th February 2012. There were a lot of events like KDE workshop, Transifex workshop, Django workshop.

On the first day i and sayan go to NIT with juniors, there was Rtnpro, he told to all about django. In the night sayan, Chandan and i attend the KDE development workshop by smit shah.

Next day Rtnpro, Chandan, Sayan and i along with some guys from NIT dgp discussed on Transifex, mainly on how it works, what is it purpose, how Transifex is written etc. There i learn a lot of things from Sayan and Rtnpro. On that day i fix a typo for Transifex and pushed it. After this i attend the workshop on Djago and Transifex by Ratnadeep Debnath(rtnpro), he told us how to find bug, how to solve and how to patch, this was very helpful to me.

In Mukti 2012 i learn a lot of things about Linux, Transifex, Django and pushed my first patch in things and continue for doing some new patches.


I have got my first open source project that is Hindi translation of the strings which are in the #TRANSIFEX’txo’.
In two days we have done the #TRANSIFEX’txo’ translation in hindi there are a lot of new words we are facing but we are enjoying too much on this project and finally i am very happy with this project.